About us

We are essentially a medium size retailer based in Co. Tipperary. Day-to-day we operate a convenience style shop offering the best in hot & cold deli items, Lotto, Off Licence (supplying beers, wine and spirits from New Zealand and beyond) and a full postal service.

In addition we also have this awesome on-line store!

Dean & Triona Hand opened the store in November 2012 and since have developed it into Tipperary's leading convenience store. They won the award for Daybreak Convenience Store of the Year for 2013 and were finalist for overall store of the year in 2014!

Dean is a native of Otago and has lived in South Tipp for 11 years. Tired of waiting for his annual Christmas box sent from home containing a meagre offering of treats and sweets, he decided to take the bull by the horns and offer these items to the good people of this fair island of Ireland & Beyond!